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You’ve found it! Your new home for custom-printed apparel. Platform Industries is your one-stop shop for screen printing, digital direct to garment printing, embroidery and promotional products.

Sure we’re a screen printing company, but we were built on the very basic principles of good customer service.  Say so-long to those screen printing companies that take your order and your deposit and then jerk you around for weeks and months at a time. Say hello, ciao, a big bonjour to a shop that cares about your needs and wants as a customer.  We make money when we make you happy, so of course we’re going to do everything we can to make your apparel ordering process easy, breezy!  Right?

We’ve spent over a decade honing our customer service skills in order to be the best in the game.  We check every box along the way to make sure your t-shirt ordering process was as easy and seamless as possible.

We pride ourselves on guiding you through the ordering process. You have enough on your plate dealing with all the other facets of running a business, so we do everything we can to make the effort on your part as minimal as possible. Don’t have a design for your apparel? No problem. Give us a rough idea and our art department will get to work on creating your own little masterpiece.  Don’t know what kind of shirts you need or how many?  Still not a problem.  We have taken literally tens of thousands of orders over the years.  We’ll combine your ideas with our suggestions and get you set up real nice.  Swear it!

Our turnaround times are about as quick as they come, too. We work hard to make sure you get your order in a timely manner.  We’ve got two manual presses and two automatic presses and a well-trained staff who can make sure your order gets through the queue as quickly as possible.

Who do we serve?
Local Businesses,  Corporations,  Sports Teams,  Civic Groups,  Non Profits,  Fund-raisers,  YOU!!!

Let’s get this party started, alright?  Give us a call or shoot us an email right now and in no time at all, you’ll be the proud new parent to a little t-shirt baby you can call your own.